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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Episkopi Hash House Harriers 50th Anniversary - Update 5 as at 09 Oct 17 (Updates in RED)

On Monday 13 November 1967 Episkopi H3 held its inaugural run.

To commemorate this momentous occasion the Hash are organising a long weekend 50 years later and invite all present and former Episkopi Hashers to join with them to celebrate this special anniversary. The programme is shaping up as follows:

  • Friday 10 November –  "The Black Tie Doo" (Now to be known as the "50th Celebration Doo",...don't ask why....yet) in "Cite Locale" in the Old Town, Limassol. Price to be confirmed but will not exceed €30 which includes beer, wine and soft drinks. Spirits are available at the bar.  Dance the night away with Paphos Radio's top DJ Simone Swift. 1900 - 0100.  Transport is now arranged at a cost of €5 per person.
  • Saturday 11 November –   OPEN run at Pissouri running at 1230 hrs followed by drinks and light bites then in the evening kick off at 2000......  Cypriot Night with Greek music and dancing at the Platea Restaurant in Pissouri.
  • Sunday 12 November - Recovery Day – it is also Remembrance Sunday and some of you may wish to attend the service in Happy Valley.
  • Monday 13 November – 50th Anniversary OPEN Run. Now running near Radio Sonde, just NORTH of the SBA . The trail will follow the route laid by M. Peters and J. Quillan during the 25th Anniversary Year Celebrations in 1992. We are fortunate (hopefully) they left a very detailed map of the run.  The Chop is on Curium Beach.
  • Tuesday 14 November 2017 – The EH3 normal Tuesday Run.
  • UPDATE 5
    1. Transport.  Coaches have now been arranged for the "Celebration Doo" on Friday 10th.
    2. Anniversary Mug. Now glass tankard designed by the renowned artist Dave Norris. This personalised collectors ppiece is available to all at a cost of €15. Less Hashers who will have completed at least 10 runs in the past 12 months and thereby contributed  financially to the 50th. For them the mug is free.
    All wishing to order are requested to inform "Words" by Monday 23rd, including the requested personalised name(2 words maximum).
    3. Haberdash. The website Haberdash page is updated and includes the tankard.  Please note, for orders to arrive before the 50th they must be placed by Monday 23rd
    4. Financial Matters.
    All Runs. €5 per person.
    Cite Locale - €30 per person + €5 per person for the coach.
    Pissouri Cyprus Night - €10 per person, drinks are not included.
    Sunshine Taverna Curium- €15 per person, drinks are not included. 
    Anniversary Mug - €15.
    50th Weekend Cash Flow. To ease the weekends cash flow, Hashers on the Active List and attending Cite Locale are requested to paye their dues of €30 per head to Cash before Tuesday 24th, ideally tomorrow in the RV.