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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Annual Run Stats 01Jan thru 31Dec 2021

Stats for 2021 were based on a total of 36 Runs, Hash Total Attendance for the year was 742 (less guests) with an average turnout for each run of 21 Hashers

36 Runs averaging a distance of 5km would result in a total run distance of 180km

HasherRuns% Total 36HaresRun/Hare AverageCareer RunsCareer HaresCareer Average
Carroll Simon36100%75.1489578.6
O'Callaghan Aubrey3597%113.2261515.1
Burke Jim3392%74.712231916.4
Nicholls David3289%310.753510.6
Norris Dave3289%93.612712076.1
Flower Tony3186%310.3748908.3
Foley Mark3186%47.86356010.6
Adair Jim3083%130.05154511.4
Mitchell Laurie3083%56.08791127.8
Kemp Trevor2981%39.7544658.4
Hughes Marshall2878%55.6271377.3
Hillyar Mike2672%00.010329910.4
Turford Ray2672%46.513211479.0
Bruce Barney2364%37.7704927.7
Rushton Nev2261%45.57081056.7
Ball Mike2056%210.09469210.3
Marks David2056%210.03042412.7
Flower Richard 1850%36.04876.9
Maynard Paul1850%118.0109912.1
O'Callaghan Nick1850%36.02646.5
Trotter George1850%29.0273348.0
Cooper Ben1747%35.7190277.0
Mercer Dennis1644%28.0112912.4
Moore Peter1644%44.0626877.2
Woods Mike1542%27.5243317.8
Mercer Joe1233%34.01234.0
Blocki Mike1131%25.5253416.2
Johnson Ian1028%00.048148.0
McGhee David1028%00.03171031.7
Morris Paul925%00.0900.0
Butt Hal822%00.0297329.3
Law Stewart822%18.05885610.5
Price Rob822%18.063106.3
Kay Brian719%17.094615.7
Smith Dave719%23.5580619.5
Turner Keith617%16.017117.0
Snaith Chris514%00.0217239.4
Carroll Jimmy26%12.012031388.7
Costello John26%00.0200.0
Garland Colin26%00.05504512.2
Mercer Sam26%00.0200.0
Norris Joe26%12.01381.6
Norris Mike26%12.043202.2
Schooley Nash26%00.024212.0
Borner Mike13%00.05804413.2
Clayton Clive13%00.04021822.3
Fensom Matt13%11.0924.5
Jobson Ray13%00.035135.0
Jones Mike13%00.0198424.7
Muir Drew13%00.06585013.2
Smith Roger13%00.05074611.0
Johnson Keith00%00.0111138.5
Oldfield Joe00%00.03203110.3
Total Runners742Avg Hare3    
Average Attendance21