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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Welcome to Episkopi Hash House Harriers

The Episkopi Hash is one of the last gentlemen only hashes left in the world. Why gentlemen only? Well, initially when founded in 1967 by three military types from Episkopi base that was the norm for hashes. Now most of our members are of retirement age and are driven out of the house each Tuesday to give our Harriets time to themselves. How many marriages we have saved is incalculable !!

We are these days very much an informal group of mates who meet every Tuesday afternoon for a little exercise and socialising afterwards. We are, of course, always eager to meet new mates who fancy a bit of exercise.  We run, jog or walk in the beautiful Cyprus countryside for around 5 km. Following a pre-laid route, known as a trail, and this is designed for most levels of fitness – shortcutting is allowed and indeed encouraged by the hares who control the run. 
The run or walk takes about 45 mins. In the summer and an hour in the winter but is rarely on flat terrain as we avoid like the plague, any tarmac or built up areas.
Hashing as it is known began in the 1930’s amongst ex-pats in the Far East who decided that they needed to take some exercise and so began the phenomenon which grew into 3000 clubs worldwide.  Essentially it is a paper chase and you might have done one at school or seen it like me in "The Railway Children". However to make it non competitive and ensure that it caters for most levels of  fitness  hares go out the day before the hash and lay 2 trails one for the runners, joggers and plodders and one for the walkers. Then the participants (hounds) follow one of these trails, with guidance (shortcuts) being given as required by the hares.

The whole emphasis of a Hash is to exercise in an informal way without any competitive pressures and then to relax afterwards with mates over a nice cool beer or soft drink. After a suitable time of taking refreshments at the end of the run/walk  we always go to a taverna for a local meal to round off the day. Being such a social club, we throughout the year, have a range of events that include our Better Halves be they on the beach (we know many deserted ones) or  up in the hills. These events are either catered or we bring picnics

 .....the 50th!!! 




Mike Jones - On Pres' Number 52 - Missive 2



I know it is normally after 100 days that one reflects back but 75 days will do as well. It seems no time at all since my inauguration ceremony when according to my figures over 100 people attended but some liberal elements of the hash claim less than 40 attended. Read my Twitter feed for more info!

Soon after the great day the now redundant Hash Trash Trevor Kemp told me his wife had decided that either he or the shredder machine must leave the house  though the jury is still out on whether she made the right choice when she tossed out the machine.

That did however force the hash into the 21st century and we introduced flour trails instead. After some teething problems and chuntering in the ranks the use of flour seems to have been accepted and several members now agree laying a trail is much easier. Indeed Simon Carroll has now suggested we hold a viking funeral in late July, for the machine that is, not for Trevor though maybe the jury is out on that too.

We have had a couple of Sundowner events using the new formula of an afternoon run followed by BYO drinks and then a meal at a local taverna. It certainly seems more popular with our better halves who no longer have to prepare mountains of food and get to drink something other than Keo beer or freshly trodden  Chateau Nogsie Du Erimi. The term BYO however does appear not to be known by a few hashers who with their families are seen lurking around other members cold boxes looking decidedly thirsty .

Through the wonder of technology my Tuesday Crits now appear on this website almost as soon as I have given them. It was really pleasing for me to hear from many hashers that they and their better halves enjoyed reading them at home until I learnt they were using them as a very effective cure for insomnia. In fact the Sleep Section of The Royal Society of Medicine have now approached me about helping them out .

We are now well into the hot weather on Cyprus and the militant wing of the Hares Union is threatening industrial action over their claim for a larger beer allowance when the temperature rises above 30C or they will mount a series of lightening strikes. When I took over this job I promised strong and stable government which I thought quite catchy and so in a cunning plan to thwart this in August I have recruited a team of blacklegs to lay trails single handedly each Tuesday . In the next missive I’ll let you know how it went. Now why do we call them blacklegs ?

The origin appears to be an ancient antipathy to the rook or crow because of its ravenousness and its feeding off cornfields. 'Rook' was initially a term of abuse or disapproval and in the 16th century came to mean a cheat, anyone who took advantage of others or lived on his wits. As the rook is black and has black legs, swindlers/rooks became known as blacklegs; it was then natural to use the same term for strike-breakers, who were believed to be cheating their fellows. This is the sense that has stuck, while the previous ones have disappeared.

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