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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Welcome to Episkopi Hash House Harriers

The Episkopi Hash is one of the last gentlemen only hashes left in the world. Why gentlemen only? Well, initially when founded in 1967 by three military types from Episkopi base that was the norm for hashes. Now most of our members are of retirement age and are driven out of the house each Tuesday to give our Harriets time to themselves. How many marriages we have saved is incalculable !!

We are these days very much an informal group of mates who meet every Tuesday afternoon for a little exercise and socialising afterwards. We are, of course, always eager to meet new mates who fancy a bit of exercise.  We run, jog or walk in the beautiful Cyprus countryside for around 5 km. Following a pre-laid route, known as a trail, and this is designed for most levels of fitness – shortcutting is allowed and indeed encouraged by the hares who control the run. 
The run or walk takes about 45 mins. In the summer and an hour in the winter but is rarely on flat terrain as we avoid like the plague, any tarmac or built up areas.
Hashing as it is known began in the 1930’s amongst ex-pats in the Far East who decided that they needed to take some exercise and so began the phenomenon which grew into 3000 clubs worldwide.  Essentially it is a paper chase and you might have done one at school or seen it like me in "The Railway Children". However to make it non-competitive and ensure that it caters for most levels of fitness hares go out the day before the hash and lay 2 trails one for the runners, joggers and plodders and one for the walkers. Then the participants (hounds) follow one of these trails, with guidance (shortcuts) being given as required by the hares.

The whole emphasis of a Hash is to exercise in an informal way without any competitive pressures and then to relax afterwards with mates over a nice cool beer or soft drink. After a suitable time of taking refreshments at the end of the run/walk we always go to a taverna for a local meal to round off the day. Being such a social club, we throughout the year, have a range of events that include our Better Halves be they on the beach (we know many deserted ones) or up in the hills. These events are either catered or we bring picnics


Cheerio Giles!!

 ..... and the RUN STATS OF 2017 - HASHERS ON THE ACTIVE LIST!  

 EH3 RUN STATS - 1 JAN TO 31 DEC 2017
Burke Jim5188%105.1010601596.66
Hogg Peter5188%86.38662907.36
Hillyar Mike4781%59.408928710.25
Norris Dave4781%76.7111151786.26
Foley Mark4679%67.674924112
Bruce Barney4476%58.80595718.38
Jones Mike4476%133.38114215.42
Mitchell Laurie4374%85.38749908.32
Trotter George4374%58.60139149.93
Kemp Trevor4272%58.40440548.15
Turford Ray4069%313.3011801358.74
Adair Jim3967%66.503883610.78
McSherry Tom3967%66.5013862006.93
Smith Roger3967%66.504223811.11
O'Callaghan Aubrey3866%66.34119157.93
Day Giles3662%312.00514549.51
Flower Tony3357%65.50594738.14
Carroll Simon3153%215.503413111
Liddell Brian2950%64.80134111012.2
Smith Nick2848%39.33542579.51
Ball Mike2848%128.008468310.19
Carroll Jimmy2848%39.3311171278.8
Rushton Nev2848%74.00621916.82
Marks David2441%46.001971315.15
Moore Peter2441%73.42535677.99
Butt Hal2238%37.33245269.42
Blocki Mike1933%44.75175276.48
Cooper, Ben1933%119.0088811
Duckworth Peter1831%29.002191911.53
McGhee David1831%00.00266644.33
Muir Drew1831%118.005964612.96
Woods Mike1729%44.25183228.32
Findlater, Rob1628%116.0042314
Oldfield Joe1424%27.002912511.64
Blackburn Dennis1119%00.002242210.18
Hughes Marshal1119%00.00178228.09
Kay Brian1017%00.0063321
Law Stewart1017%110.005475210.52
Montgomery Gary916%00.002112110.05
Smith Dave916%24.50541579.49
Snaith Chris712%17.00167208.35
Garland Colin712%17.005354312.44
Archer, Dan610%00.002552311.09
Rix, Gary610%16.00616
Clayton Clive59%00.004011822.28
Cook John47%00.003731820.72
Watson Brian47%00.0066233
Mccrory, Colin47%00.001700
McCrory Simon23%00.001200
Tandy Vic23%00.00311525.98
Bolger Ray12%00.0076238

The Inauguration Run


Barney Bruce - On Pres' Number 53 - Missive 1.


I first came across hashing in 1985  when a work colleague at HQ British Forces, Cyprus  wandered into my office and asked if I was “hashing” that afternoon. All sorts of things crossed my mind until he explained what hashing was all about. As an ex rugby player, the idea of a gentle run followed by a few beers had a definite attraction. And so during the next 3 years I became a committed hasher and, on my return to the UK, I immediately joined Cheltenham and Cotswold Hash (C2H3) with my wife Liz as she had taken up running whilst in Cyprus.

During the 15 years we hashed with C2H3 we attended 6 International Hashes in Thailand, Cyprus, Malaysia, India (Goa), Australia and again Thailand. Because of the numbers attending (somewhere between 4000 and 6000) at each event, there would be up to 20 different run sites. I well remember at the Cyprus Inter Hash in 1996 Epi H3 was responsible for one of the sites near to Melanda Beach. They expected, and catered for, around 250 hashers. Imagine their reaction when over 800 people turned up because it was hot in June and the RV was by the sea. However, in true Epi H3 tradition, the call went out for more beer which duly arrived before the runners returned – phew! All the evening entertainment was in the Municipal Gardens in Limassol and Colin Garland, one of the fathers of our Hash, has yet to recover from witnessing the women’s mud wrestling competition – totally naked – them, not him thank goodness!

My experience in over 30 years of hashing is that all hashes are different and long may it continue! We are an all-male hash and our partners are glad to see the back of us on a Tuesday afternoon. The thing I have always enjoyed in over 30 years of hashing is the camaraderie, banter and good humour; this is prevalent in Epi Hash where there is very friendly rivalry between members of all 3 Services, teachers, civil servants and those others who have/had to work for a living! The rivalry and banter also extends to nationalities where the Celts and Aussies love to take the “mickey” out of the English.  

Last year was our 50th Anniversary and all credit to On Pres Mike Jones and his Committee for organising a great reunion of former hashers when nearly 100 of them with their partners travelled out to Cyprus to celebrate this important milestone. I understand that it has given a fillip to the Epi Exiles in the UK and, hopefully, we shall see many of them for our 3,000 run in 2021!

And so, after all these years, Epi H3 have asked me to be their On Pres for the next year. What an honour and I shall try to live up to the standards and ethos set by my 52 illustrious predecessors.

On On The Hash