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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)


"A merry company of athletic pedestrian sportsmen, who styled themselves ‘The Thames Hare and Hounds Club’ where we went to seek healthy pastime in the pursuit of a mock chase following a paper trail laid by two of their fellows. They usually met at the well know Public House ‘The King’s Head’, Rochampton Bottom, where they always enjoyed themselves in fitting attire. The running was tolerably correct, but always spirited and full of enjoyment.”
Illustrated London News – 27 November 1869

Alberto Gispert

The modern origins of HASHING are accredited to Alberto Esteban Ignacio Gispert, an expatriate planter living in a bachelors' mess in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya.  In 1938 he persuaded his fellow diners in the Selangor "Hash House" to join him in the first recorded run.

In November 1967 Brigadier Davies-Scourfield, CBE, MC formed Episkopi Hash House Harriers Cyprus.  Run 001 was conducted on the 13th of November 1967, Group Captain Basil Fox was the ‘On President and Nik Pakenham Mahon and David Clarke the other Joint Masters. From that day forth every bondu hill and valley within a 10 mile radius of Episkopi, except due South, has felt the tramp of Hashers’ feet and seen the fluttering of Hash Trash.

For the benefit of those who find it too hot to swim in the summers and too cold to ski in the winters of Cyprus, the Episkopi Hash runs every Tuesday all year round.  Hash Thrashes and Open Runs are held regularly so that we can entertain our ladies – thereby preserving domestic harmony.

The Episkopi Hash is a Hash of Gentlemen, with guests and visiting Hashers always most welcome.