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Epi Exiles Corner

Epi Exiles Reunion 15th/16th July 2023

A message from our Exiles in dear Old Blighty! .

Epi Exiles are hoping to organise a Hash Reunion in the UK this summer. Your attendance would be welcomed.

Ashley Adams has kindly confirmed that he is prepared to organise an Exiles Reunion in the Ashdown Forest area this year. The proposed date is the weekend of the 15/16 July, with the main hash event  on the afternoon of the 15th July, a meal in the evening, and a hangover run/walk on the morning of the 16th.  

Of course this is very dependent on there being enough firm commitments received from you to make it worthwhile for Ashley and his boys to make all the necessary arrangements and to lay the trails. So please let Ashley and Ralph know, as soon as you can, if you are available and intend to join us on that weekend, we look forward to seeing you.


On, On!

Ashley & Ralph