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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Annual Run Stats 01Jan 2017 thru 31Dec 2017

Stats for 2017 were based on a total of 58 Runs, Hash Total Attendance for the year was 1238(less guests) with an average turnout for each run of 21 Hashers

58 Runs averaging a distance of 5km would result in a total run distance of 290km

HasherRuns% of Total(58)HaresRun/Hare AverageCareer RunsCareer HaresCareer Average
Burke Jim5188%105.110601596.66
Hogg Peter5188%86.38662907.36
Hillyar Mike4781%59.48928710.25
Norris Dave4781%76.7111151786.26
Foley Mark4679%67.674924112
Bruce Barney4476%58.8595718.38
Jones Mike4476%133.38114215.42
Mitchell Laurie4374%85.38749908.32
Trotter George4374%58.6139149.93
Kemp Trevor4272%58.4440548.15
Turford Ray4069%313.311801358.74
Adair Jim3967%66.53883610.78
McSherry Tom3967%66.513862006.93
Smith Roger3967%66.54223811.11
O'Callaghan Aubrey3866%66.34119157.93
Day Giles3662%312514549.51
Flower Tony3357%65.5594738.14
Carroll Simon3153%215.53413111
Liddell Brian2950%64.8134111012.2
Ball Mike2848%1288468310.19
Carroll Jimmy2848%39.3311171278.8
Rushton Nev2848%74621916.82
Smith Nick2848%39.33542579.51
Marks David2441%461971315.15
Moore Peter2441%73.42535677.99
Butt Hal2238%37.33245269.42
Blocki Mike1933%44.75175276.48
Cooper, Ben1933%11988811
Duckworth Peter1831%292191911.53
McGhee David1831%00266644.33
Muir Drew1831%1185964612.96
Woods Mike1729%44.25183228.32
Findlater, Rob1628%11642314
Oldfield Joe1424%272912511.64
Blackburn Dennis1119%002242210.18
Hughes Marshal1119%00178228.09
Kay Brian1017%0063321
Law Stewart1017%1105475210.52
Montgomery Gary916%002112110.05
Smith Dave916%24.5541579.49
Garland Colin712%175354312.44
Snaith Chris712%17167208.35
Archer, Dan610%002552311.09
Rix, Gary610%16616
Clayton Clive59%004011822.28
Cook John47%003731820.72
Mccrory, Colin47%001700
Watson Brian47%0066233
McCrory Simon23%001200
Tandy Vic23%00311525.98
Bolger Ray12%0076238