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Tales from the Crypt

Ex On Pres' Mike Jones asked if we might put a "Tales From the Archives" section on the website. There is fair amount of quite interesting stuff in the various boxes he holds in his basement and he feels the need to drip feed them out into the Hash community. 

Some favoured "traditions" might suffer some bruising like "we have run every week since conception" etc where the truth is rather different but that's no bad thing. The Truth is out there!

#2 No Mountaineering! Pat Chapman won't like this.

Was this the  document that launched 3000 hashes ? ( with apologies to Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faust line about Helen of Troy ).

The first run (?) was located at Episkopi Air Strip . The Hares were Andrew Scobie and Alex Cadman who took along his dog Shandy. The President Brigadier Gris Davies-Scourfield C.B.E. M.C. Ran out from the gates of Episkopi in the photo everyone had seen . He was very used to getting out of camps as in 1940 after being wounded 4 times during the defence of Calais he was captured  and taken to a POW camp in Laufen Bavaria which he quickly tunnelled out of but was captured and taken to a Stalag X11 at Poznan . This he escaped from through the front gates in June 1941 by hiding in a cart. Captured again his reward was being taken to Colditz Castle which he then duly escaped from again through the front gates  hidden in yet  another cart. He was nothing if not persistent . Captured again trying to cross into Holland with forged papers he served the rest of the war on the Escape  Committee at Colditz. As On Pres' I bet his Crits were interesting! 

But as you look closely at the run notice your eyes like so many before you will quickly alight on the  line: “ Start will be at 1600hrs ( NOT 1630hrs) at Episkopi Airstrip “ .

Now this notice has nothing to suggest it is any thing other than the original notice about a H3 run . Nothing on it says it is an amendment or a re-issue it is just a piece paper that would have turned up in your in-tray as a serving officer. So what about ( NOT 1630hrs ) . Surely say many an ex On Pres there must have been previous runs that were run at 1630hrs and this one was the first to be run at 1600hrs and the change merely reflects the fact that it was getting darker so to be able to do a 45min run the start time needed to move forward 30 minutes. 

Could it be that this then perhaps was just the first run on which Gris took part in or as ex On Pres' Cmdr. “Tank” Sherman RN  suggests in a paper was it that the two hashes Dhekelia and Episkopi for a time ran as two Divisions of one single Hash called the Cyprus H3 and used the same run numbers especially as all of the Episkopi Hashers had started the Dhekelia Hash in January and already had runs credited . This single Hash and two divisions  was Gris’s original plan but on Nov 13th he realised it was unworkable and pointless and the two separated into two individual hashes ? 

Oh boy will we ever know ? Looking at the ages of the Hashers in that original photo there must be a few still alive . If only we could ask them. 

 In our next instalment in February, we'll be taking a look at how the struggling Epi H3 moved forward .

#1 Origin of the Species!


Take this first one, the notice of a Hash General Meeting on June 12th 1967 to decide on the appointment of 2 Joint Masters for the newly forming Episkopi  H3 Division as well as voting in a new President for Dhekelia.

Innocent enough you might think but many an On Pres has carefully studied the wording of this memo over the years and many a thought has been formulated. 

The key phrases are " a few months " and " The appointment of a new President for Dhekelia" 

A " few months ... before the division " must mean just that so the memo written in early June means the move must have taken place either in say August or early September 1967. 

The new President for Dhekelia must infer that  Gris was moving at the same time as the main body that included  the new branch of Episkopi H3 to Episkopi Garrison otherwise why replace him on June 12th ? 

So many an On. Pres in the past has wondered aloud that if new JMs for Episkopi H3  were already in place by June24th  and the founder of the Hash and the new President of Episkopi H3 was moving with the main body in say late August why didn't the new Hash start running until November 13th 1967 ? Or,  maybe they did ?

 Next weeks thrilling instalment adds some meat to this bone!