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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

Annual Run Stats 01Jan thru 31Dec 2022

Stats for 2022 were based on a total of 57 Runs, Hash Total Attendance for the year was 1022 (including 81 guests) with an average turnout for each run of 18 Hashers

57 Runs averaging a distance of 5km would result in a total run distance of 285km

HasherRuns% Total 57HaresRun/Hare AverageCareer RunsCareer HaresCareer Average
Carroll Simon5495%143.9543717.6
Norris Dave5393%124.413242196.0
Burke Jim5189%133.912742046.2
Nicholls David4884%316.0101812.6
Turford Ray4579%104.513661578.7
Flower Tony4375%314.3791938.5
Hillyar Mike4375%221.5107510110.6
Foley Mark4172%94.6676699.8
Rushton Nev4172%58.27491106.8
O'Callaghan Aubrey3867%113.5299624.8
Hughes Marshall3765%132.8308506.2
Mitchell Laurie3358%65.59121187.7
Adair Jim3256%005474512.2
Ball Mike3154%56.29779710.1
Mercer Dennis2849%64.7140159.3
O'Callaghan Nick2849%74.054114.9
Maynard Paul2747%213.51361112.4
Johnson Ian2544%38.373418.3
Woods Mike2544%64.2268377.2
Moore Peter2442%73.4650946.9
Kemp Trevor1933%119.0563668.5
Marks David1832%118.03222512.9
Trotter George1730%28.5290368.1
Oldfield Joe1526%35.0335349.9
Mercer Joe1425%34.72664.3
Flower Richard 1323%26.56196.8
Bruce Barney1221%26.0716947.6
Costello John1221%26.01427.0
Blocki Mike1119%25.5264436.1
Morris Paul1018%110.019119.0
Smith Dave814%24.0588639.3
Law Stewart611%005945610.6
Schooley Nash611%0030215.0
Snaith Chris611%00223239.7
Zoglahi Faris59%15.0515.0
Fensom Matt35%001226.0
Garland Colin35%005534512.3
Liddell Brian35%0013901559.0
Clayton Clive24%004041822.4
Norris Joe24%001581.9
Norris Mike24%0045202.3
Romero Guido24%00400
Turford Justin24%12.05277.4
Chystostomou Tommy12%00100
McGhee David12%003181031.8
Mercer Sam12%00300
Borner Mike00%00.05804413.2
Butt Hal00%00297329.3
Visitors81 5 020.0
Total Runners1022  Avg Hare2.9    
Average Attendance17.9