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(One Of The Last Gentlemen Only Hashes in The World)

22nd OCTOBER 2019 - ON THE BEACH - Running at 1600

Perchance this be an opportunity for "sippers", "gulpers" or even "neaters"????
"The Trafalgar Day Run to the Immortal Memory of Admiral The Lord Nelson and those that fell with him as well as  celebrating all that go down to the sea in ships and occupy their business in great waters. 

"I long to go down to the sea again to the lonely sea and the sky” and you are all going to: 
From Limassol come off the motorway at Avdimou and turn to port, from Paphos come off and turn to starboard. Set your course to 180° South and follow the road signs to the Kyrenia Beach Bar. Just before the bar pick up the hash signs to the RV at Max’s Blue Paradise Beach Shack .The channel is suitable for all vessels even those skippered by hairdressers shouting grease up the cabin boy .
Bring your swimmers and beach shoes for the final hash swim of this year or given the weather forecast to wear  in the rain.  
The Chop :  Piers Grill at the home of the Hash the Famagusta Taverna in Avdimou. Tuck in to the meal and drink enjoyed by Nelson and his Officers  on the night before the Cape Trafalgar battle  a choice of  Pork Chop or Chicken with two Keos or a half carafe of wine for €15 that also will included the odd libation to shiver your timbers. 
 Ah those were the days when the ships were wood and the men were steel as clearly emulated by 

Your Hares Tony , Mike J. and Mike W."
On On!